Monday, November 9, 2009

Elmira map: showing recent & proposed development

One of the "Friends of Victoria Glen Park" who is a wizard with various computer functions has put together this map, using the Google Maps satellite view of Elmira. The brightly coloured rectangle in the upper right is Victoria Glen Park -- the bright red section is the proposed development south of the upper trail in the woods. All the larger pink sections are sections that either have been developed in the last 10 years or so or are proposed for development in the near future.

This prompts the BIG QUESTION: why do they need to sacrifice any of the Victoria Glen Park woods for the relatively few houses it would yield in the face of all the recent development (and the proposed 900 houses in the Lunor development west of town)?

Oh yes, to pay for "capital projects."
Destroying part of the woods -- and putting at risk the rest -- for a one-time cash-out of the relatively small amount of $368,000 (which wouldn't even be realized until after a whole lot of spending for reports and infrastructure) just plain doesn't make sense.

Here are links to the map, reproduced above, and to another of just the "subject lands" in the Township report -- note that widening the trail to the 66 feet required of a street will take up a fair bit of the parcel last week's vote established as land they wanted to save...:

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